Lead Generalist

Adrien Lambert
The dangerous thing about being a generalist is that you can still end up a specialist.

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[⭐EPISODE 1 ⭐- Adrien Lambert - Lead Generalist - ILM]

It started off very strong with this first episode with Adrien Lambert 😎

Before arriving at ILM as Lead Gen, Adrien built his experience across Europe before heading out to Vancouver.

What is his background? How did he get to ILM?

How did he establish himself as a generalist in an industry that is looking for specialists above all?

We also take the time to talk about his various challenges that drive him from one experience to the next.

But not only 😊

💬 We also discussed:

⚡His motivation and mindset.

⚡How to continue to progress

⚡From his various productions at ILM

⚡From the evolution of technologies and techniques 

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