Anne-Sophie Palermo
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[⭐EPISODE 7 ⭐- Sophie Palermo - Compositing Supervisor - Mikros ]

It's with Anne-Sophie that I had the pleasure to exchange in this episode.
We inevitably talked about compositing but also team management.

During this episode we discussed 💬 :

⭐how to progress in compositing
⭐how she recruits to compose her team
⭐how she transmits and communicates with her team
⭐what advice she would have liked to receive before going sup
⭐how to create synergy in her team

Without a tight and well thought out team many productions would not see the light of day. A nice way to put the human in the center of our thinking.
Team forever 🤗 

References and links mentioned during the episode: 
- Buf
- Illumination Mac Guff
- Moi Moche et Méchant 2
- Mikros Animation
- Sherlock Gnomes

To find Anne-Sophie :
Her Linkedin profil

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