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[⭐EPISODE 6 ⭐- Edouard Sisternas - CG Supervisor ]

It's Edouard that I had the pleasure to receive in the podcast this week.
It was an opportunity to talk lighting with him through his pro but also personal productions.

During this episode we discussed 💬 :
⭐his biggest triggers that allowed him to progress
⭐how to lighten in real production conditions
⭐how to carry the script and mood through lighting
⭐how collaborative projects turn out to be powerful human experiences
⭐the questions to ask yourself to make good lighting

It has breathed a real wind of optimism, putting "the value of work" front and center. It's possible to learn anything with a lot of hard work and desire 💪

Let's grow up 🐣🐥

References and links mentioned during the episode:
- Le studio Okénite Animation
- Moi moche et méchant 3
- Comme des bêtes 1
- Comme des bêtes 2 - Un bout de la séquence dans la fête foraine à 2"
- Sing / Tous en scène 
- Plateforme collaborative - Asset manager : - Artella
- CG Wire - Bases et bonnes pratiques pour gérer son Lighting
- Les vrais et les mauvais chasseurs
- Le cinquième élément 
- Blade runner

To fin Edouard :
His Linkedin profil

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