Creature Specialist

Gael Kerchenbaum
Try to use 3D not only as a medium of entertainment, but also as a medium of expression and understanding

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[⭐EPISODE 8 ⭐- Gaël Kerchenbaum - Creature Specialist - Facebook AI ]

It's had Gaël that we exchanged this week. He explains to us during this episode how he gradually specialized and affirmed himself as a Creature Artist.

During this episode we discussed 💬 :
⭐how he creates realistic creatures real or imaginary
⭐how function affects design
⭐how he makes career choices to thrive on a daily basis
⭐how to find a balance as a freelancer
⭐His vision of 3d as a medium in a broad sense

I hope this episode will help you dive into Gaël's philosophy and give you some food for thought when thinking or rethinking your job 🧠  

References and links mentioned during the episode:
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- Facebook AI 
- One of us
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Microfacets Theory 
Nicolas Moret

To find Gaël :
His Artstation - Linkedin - Vimeo - Facebook profil

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