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When you do a personal project, you don't have to be stubborn to prove to yourself that the first idea was the right one.

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 [⭐EPISODE 4 ⭐- Jean-Michel Bihorel - Digital Artist ]

This week I had the opportunity to discuss 3d creation with Jean Michel Bihorel.

We talked together about his working methods and his aspiration to strive for the most fluid creation process possible

During this episode, we discussed 💬
⚡His daily life as a teacher at Creative seeds
⚡How technique can guide creativity
⚡How he experiments and creates in his personal work
⚡How to create the accident in his creative process
⚡How crypto art is revolutionizing the medium

I hope all these thoughts will give you something to think about 🧠 

References mentioned in the episode:
- Creative Seeds 
- Shotgun
- FNT crypto art sur Nifty Gateway

To find the  creation process in Vr de Jean michel and his other tests in vr

To find Jean-Michel :
ArtstationBehance - Instagram 

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