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Our responsibility is to make sure that the movement of the cameras is as realistic as possible.

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What if blockbusters were totally produced in real time? 😱
For as long as the industry has been talking about it 💬

Yes, it's putting a lot of the production pipeline into question 🚮
Yes, it's paying the piper for a new workflow

At a time, when the visual difference is no longer a criterion between pre-calculated and real time, the question deserves to be asked.

Real time would allow, among other things
- Reduce costs related to rendering calculations
- Gain in fluidity of creation
- Facilitate exchanges between the director and the production
- Gain in production agility

This is one of the topics we discussed with Karim in this new episode.
But not only that, he also shares with us the backstage of his productions in vfx and animation.

A beautiful episode in the heart of the Layout department 🕶

References mentioned in the episode:
- Dragon ball
- City Hunter

Productions evoked by Karim :
The Jungle Book
- Passengers 
- Godzilla 
- Jumanji 
- The journey of Dr Dolittle  
- Cats 
- Valerian 
- Roi lion

The studios mentioned :
- Moving Picture Company alias MPC
- The Mill

To find Karim :
Go to his Linkedin profil 

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