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Olivier Farrugia
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[⭐EPISODE 10 ⭐- Olivier Farrugia - Associate Creative Director - Binyan ]

This week, we talk about new archviz with Olivier Farrugia.
In this episode, he tells us about his journey from France to Australia. He shares with us in all transparency his motivations and how he went about it to progress and reach his best level.

During this episode we discuss 💬 :
⭐how to progress and get to the next level
⭐how to recruit but not lose in quality
⭐the concept of servant leadership
⭐how to create the image that will appeal to the architect and developer
⭐how to create team synergy

During this episode, he opens the doors and behind the scenes of Binyan.
I hope it helps you perceive the underbelly and issues of archviz both from the manager's point of view, as well as the artist's point of view 🔎 

References mentioned in the episode :
- Cinemagraph 
- Fluid render 
- D2 conférence
- Rayan Coyoca
- Bertrand Benoît 
- Le principe de Black room hologram
- Un exemple d'expérience de téléportation Vr multi sensorielle

The studios mentioned :
- Binyan
- Hays Davidson
- The Boundary

The software mentioned :
- Brazil
- Phoenix 
- Corona render

To find Olivier :
Visit his website or his Linkedin profile

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