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It's easy to make a realistic image, we have everything we need with the rendering engines, so we have to find the extra thing 

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 [⭐EPISODE 3 ⭐- Romuald Chaigneau - Archviz Artist ]

This week I had the opportunity to discuss with Romuald Chaigneau about Archviz.
This episode is a little different from the first two, we discuss together his creation process and his inspirations.

During this episode, we discussed 💬
⚡From a passion to a profession
⚡How to find inspiration
⚡The behind-the-scenes of her cg architect nominated short film
⚡How to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd?
⚡How to come up with new ideas?
⚡How do we keep our 3d flame alive?

This episode is packed with references, you'll find them all in the episode description if you want to go check it out 👀

I hope this episode will rekindle the cgi flame in you 🔥 

Links mentioned during the episode: 
- Le travail de Bertrand Benoit
The Third & The Seventh - Alex Roman
- Le travail de Marek Denko 
Butterfly - Thi Lima
- Under -Thi Lima 
- les cg awards décerné par Cg architect 
White Haussman - Romuald Chaigneau 
- Le studio Recent Spaces 
- Le studio mythique d'archviz - Mir
- Le studio Beauty and the bit 
- Le travail de Johannes Lindqvist 
- Le travail de Thomas Dubois
- Le studio Binyan

Software :
- Le moteur de rendu - Corona
- Le moteur de rendu Fstorm 
- Substance Painter 

To find the work of  Romuald :
Behance - Son site - Instagram 

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