Lead Lighting

Pat Gracia
Honestly, go out and look at the sky!

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[⭐EPISODE 9 ⭐- Pat Gracia - Lead Lighting - Mikros Animation ]

New episode around lighting with Pat Gracia as guest.
Throughout the episode, Pat takes us on a journey through the different productions he's worked on. Provided with examples and anecdotes, you will love it!

During this episode we discuss 💬 :
⭐how he gradually worked on feature films.
⭐the tips that clicked for him
⭐the references that helped and guided him
⭐how he is also progressing thanks to juniors
⭐why he is always looking to learn

Enthusiasm and his energy are very communicative, your ears are not ready👂

References mentioned in the episode: 
- Roger Deakins : Making Beautiful Images
- Jean Claude Mézières 
- Time jam

The productions mentioned by Pat :
- Garfield & Cie Saison 1 
- Un monstre à Paris
- Cendrillon au Far West
- Captain Superslip ou Captain Underpants
Astérix - Le secret de la potion magique
- Astérix et le domain des Dieux 
- The Sponge Bob ou Bob l'éponge

The studios mentioned :
- Mikros Animation 
- Delacave
- Walking the dog
- Ellipsanime
- Studio 4°

The software mentioned : 
- Katana
- XSI/Softimage
- Flame

The mentioned Episodes:
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To find Pat :
Go to his Linkedin profil
And his Instagram with silver photos

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