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Olivier Farrugia

Olivier Farrugia - Associate Creative Director - Binyan


With Olivier, we dive into the heart of his dream team at Binyan. He shares with us his thoughts and philosophy both as an artist and as an associate.

Pat Gracia

Pat Gracia - Lead Lighting - Mikros Animation


New episode around lighting with Pat Gracia as guest.
Pat takes us on a tour of the different productions he has worked on. Provided with examples and anecdotes, you'll love it!

Gaël Kerchenbaum

Gaël Kerchenbaum - Creature Specialist - Facebook AI


Creature Specialist and completely passionate, Gaël will take you into his universe and his vision of the job. A biting episode!

Anne Sophie Palermo

Anne Sophie - Compositing Supervisor - Mikros 


It's with Anne-Sophie that I had the pleasure to exchange in this episode.
We talked about compositing but also team management.
Without a close-knit and well thought-out team, many productions would not see the light of day. A nice way to put the human in the center.

Edouard Sisternas

Edouard Sisternas - CG Supervisor


It was an opportunity to talk about lighting with him through his professional and personal productions.
He gave us a wind of optimism. It is possible to learn everything with a lot of work and desire. Let's grow up !

Karim Fradin

Karim Fradin - Head of Layout


Karim takes us behind the scenes of his vfx and animation productions.
A nice episode in the heart of the Layout department!

Jean-Michel Bihorel

Jean-Michel Bihorel - Digital Artist


He shares with us his working methods and his aspiration to strive for the most fluid creative process possible.
Beautiful reflections to give you food for thought!

Romuald Chaigneau

Romuald Chaigneau - Archviz Artist


This episode is a little different from the first two, we discuss together his creative process and his inspirations.
This episode might bring back the cgi flame in you 🔥

Dorien Marchesin

Dorian Marchesin - Sup Env & Rendu - Unit Image


At his side, we enter the backstage of the production of Unit image.
And how they constantly push their limits, production after production.

Adrien Lambert

Adrien Lambert - Lead Generalist - ILM


He shares with us his difficulty in imposing himself as a generalist in an industry that is primarily looking for specialists?
One of his great motivations is to constantly seek new challenges!

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